Used Tablecloths?

Go to a dept. store like Dillard's or Mervyn's in their linen dept. Look for some that are polyester, have woven-in satin stripes, and come in all colors. They come folded flat in see-thru plastic packages, and come in all sizes, including really long rectangles. They are not very expensive, but always look great! Just wash and dry, fold or hang while hot. Hardly anything stains them. I can not recall the brand, but they do advertise on teh package something about "stain release" agent built in. You may even try TJMaxx or Marshall's, but you may not find enough there that match, since they sorta carry odds & ends.

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1. Is it wrong for my wedding gown to be made of polyester and cost 800?

Ummm, no. I would take it back and demand a refund. That is a knock off of an antique. Would you settle for a knock off bag? Desk? Lamp? No. Get good and pissed and get your money back. You could have an original gown designed and made by a seamstress for that!

2. Can you iron 100% polyester dress?

Yes on the Low setting

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3. How to remove wrinkles from 100% polyester comforter?

Do you have an iron? That might work

4. Can i shrink a Polyester & Elastane shirt?

cold water?

5. Polyester scarf smells terrible!?

You can not . It's basically plastic, and plastic always smells

6. will a 80% polyester 20%cotton sweatshirt shrink if washed?

Wash it in cold water, on the gentle cycle! Once its been washed, hang it on a plastic hanger (not in the closet with other clothes, but maybe on a doorknob or something like that) and let it air dry.

7. Theists: Is it immoral to wear polyester?


8. How do you get nail polish out of polyester slacks?

You can not . Acetone or nail polish remover will burn a hole into the pants. Ask a dry cleaner

9. Why does polyester smell bad?

Polyester does not breathe, bad choice

10. how to dye polyester black?

Polyester can only be dyed with special dyes called disperse dyes as other kinds of dyes do not work on polyester. So you better get hold of one. It does include heat and the plastic brim will have to be removed

11. Will a 74% cotton/26% polyester shirt shrink?

Possibly, but I do not really think so. Wash in cool/warm water just in case

12. what does polyester feel like?

Yes, the newer blends are much softer. The kind people wore when I was younger(the 70's) was not soft, and it kept in all the sweat and heat. Gross

13. How do you removed melted polyester from a dryer?

Re-melt the polyester with a blow dryer. While still melted, wipe away with paper towels and / or a plastic dish scrubber. -

14. How do you shrink a hoodie that is 50% cotton and 50% polyester?

Cotton/polyester blends do not normally shrink. You may have some luck if you wash the garment in hot water and put it in a very hot dryer.Good luck

15. What do you think of Forever 21?

I would say yes. I work at Forever 21 (and after a two week stint I hate it there because of its outrageous policies) but I've been shopping there for YEARS now, and I recommend it. I would not shop online. The sizes are strange and there are things that run big and others that run small... Also, quite a few garments are cheaply made and very susceptible to ripping or breaking easily, or they are made from crap fabric... But others are really great; you just have to go and assess them for yourself. I have this complete phobia of polyester, and lots of things are made from it there, but I've managed to steer clear. The clothes really are not as bad as everyone has claimed they are; unless you buy the stuff that's cheaply made from crap fabric, it will last. None of the clothes I've gotten from there have ripped. I have tons of cute dresses and tops, which is really what I shop there for, and they are all great. I would suggest you go; a warning, though: There are weeks when you will go and you will want to buy the entire store, and then there are weeks when you go and hate everything! Your best bet is to find a Forever XXI because it has better clothes and more clothes than Forever 21 :P Also, they have great basics. Their camis and plain tees are always always always on sale, so I really love that about it.

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Will Satin Chair Covers and Sashes Look Funny Against Cotton/polyester Table Linens at a Wedding Rec
I think it would be fine. I think if you do satin table linens, it will be over the top ugly. Maybe something shinny in the middle of the table. Sounds pretty1. we have satin wallpaper on our walls in our living room. if we were to hang up a wall mural, would it stay up?Sounds like the wallpaper is pretty fancy already. When I think of murals, I think of someone painting one on you wall. Is the pattern of what you are hanging going to compete with the pattern on the wall paper? How heavy is the piece? Maybe a mollybolt would do the trick.2. Why would anyone worship satin?Because he makes me feel so good inside when I am performing my satinic rituals in the bedroom under the candlelight and even intensifies the pleasure during masturbation. How could you not worship satin?3. My husband likes to wear my satin panties because he likes the way they feel on him. What should i makeof this?you should get him some satin boxers...more satin to feel. I personally like to wear my husband's satin boxers. they do feel nice on the skin.4. I want to paint my spindles on my stairs white,I already have 2 coats Clear Acrylic-Urethane Satin,thanks?With this being an acrylic urethane you can get a product called "Wil-bond" it's a liquid deglosser, wipe down areas to be painted and paint, no sanding required. You must read the directions though for use because you only want to prep (wipe down) what you can paint in 30 minutes, how it works is it will soften that urethane for that long, once it starts to harden again it will take the paint and harden that with it so you get a good bond, saves the mess and hassle of sanding, any deglosser , liquid sand will due but I've been using the Wil-bond for over 35 yrs and find it to be the best, good luck Les the painter5. I buy a lot of sheet sets for the satin fabric. I make dresses. Are these white sheets see through or pretty solid?I ever got some black one and it is ligh material but solid, not see through6. Help finding this song! chorus: goes like "abba abba cadabra..."?Abracadabra The Steve Miller Band I heat up, I can not cool down You got me spinnin' 'Round and 'round 'Round and 'round and 'round it goes Where it stops nobody knows Every time you call my name I heat up like a burnin' flame Burnin' flame full of desire Kiss me baby, let the fire get higher Abra-abra-cadabra I want to reach out and grab ya Abra-abra-cadabra Abracadabra You make me hot, you make me sigh You make me laugh, you make me cry Keep me burnin' for your love With the touch of a velvet glove Abra-abra-cadabra I want to reach out and grab ya Abra-abra-cadabra Abracadabra I feel the magic in your caress I feel magic when I touch your dress Silk and satin, leather and lace Black panties with an angel's face I see magic in your eyes I hear the magic in your sighs Just when I think I am gonna get away I hear those words that you always say Abra-abra-cadabra I want to reach out and grab ya Abra-abra-cadabra Abracadabra Every time you call my name I heat up like a burnin' flame Burnin' flame full of desire Kiss me baby, let the fire get higher I heat up, I can not cool down My situation goes 'round and 'round I heat up, I can not cool down My situation goes 'round and 'round I heat up, I can not cool down My situation goes 'round and 'round7. How do I remove an oil stain from my satin dress? The dress says do not dry clean spot clean only. Please helpI have also asked this same question four times, and have not gotten a good answer8. Christian Louboutin Satin Very Croise Slingbacks. I am US size 7...what am I in Euro size? 37 or 38? HELP!?Sorry, I just saw this question today. To answer your question, every style of Louboutin's fits a little different. I own the Very Croise in leather and purchased them true to my US size. I am a true 7 and I purchased a 37. Did she have a pair in a 37.5? Depending on your foot shape, you may need a 38. the toe area in the Very Croise is very pointy so if your feet are wide, your toes will hang over. My daughter wears the same size shoe as me, but her toes are shorter so they look totally different on her
Why Is My Cloth-like (polyester) Shower Curtain Liner Molding so Quickly?
Why Is My Cloth-like (polyester) Shower Curtain Liner Molding so Quickly?
Try spraying vinegar water onto the shower curtain after each shower and make sure the curtain is spread widely to allow it to dry completely. Open the doors and windows when the shower room is not in use to allow better air circulation and airflow1. what was the signifcance of the curtain in the temple being ripped in two ( Matt 27:51) when Jesus died?The meaning of the scene may be that now, because of Jesus' death, all people have access to the presence of God, or that the temple, its holiest part standing exposed, is now profaned and will soon be destroyed2. i have an orange curtain in my bedroom..i wish to have an idea which colour can i paint my wall..?thank u.?A soft yellow would look good with orange3. How can i get my curtain rod up when i can't screw the nails into the wall?you can use drill or if you do not know how to use it ask a carpenter4. How do you take party photos like this?The majority look like examples of mixing available light with rear curtain flash sync. As far as I am aware only SLR's (some film, most digital) can do it - compacts and bridges wo not be able to. Turn the flash on, set it to rear curtain, focus lock and press and hold the AE Lock and then press the shutter. The camera will allow some ambient light in and then finish the exposure off with a burst of flash. Looking more closely, the rear curtain sync was obviously not used in some of them, so that makes it simpler (but worse looking).5. can uhelp me with picking out a curtain color for my light blue walls?Personally, I think the natural will go best with you light blue walls. But given the two, I would go with the darker blue for two reason: a) the contrast will be nice b) you have less chance of two light shades of blue might look green next to the other vice versa.6. my bathroon the wall are white and titleblue what color curtain i shoot put?you could do really light yellow and then a printed curtians. something that has more light yellow in it and very little blue just to pull the color out. good luck and happy new years!7. Iron curtain - soviet union & Berlin wall?Not wrong at all, as long as you can ignore the fact of what it was like in those two areas before the collapse. If communism(which it was not to begin with) was so attractive, why did so many people die trying to get through the wall to West Berlin? Why did Eastern Europe fight so hard against their "communist benefactors" if things were so great in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary?8. I have a shower/tub with the old style sliding doors. Would like to replace it w/shower curtain. Any hints?if you take out the glass door frames and you have holes ,just go to a local hardware or lowes type store and buy a bath and tub caulk ,they come in several colors ,then fill in holes and gaps and smooth out, the caulking comes in tubes like to use with a caulking gun or little tubes like toothpaste , make sure all areas are clean and dry before applying this .sometimes the caulk may shrink and leave a little dimple ,just add a little more and let dry, as far as a shower curtain set up just go to any dept. store ,walmart, k-mart, dollar general and they sell spring loaded curtain rods for showers and closets ,5 bucks, buy your curtains and hooks your done.9. Am I right about the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain?The Iron Curtain was more of an expression coined by Churchill (just like you said) & the Berlin Wall was definitely a physical "symbol" of it, although Berlin itself was inside east Germany. But whether it represents an actual physical fence across Europe, is a moot idea at best... all communist east block nations bordering the west had some kind of fence or wall to mark the border. The Iron Curtain would be the border itself; just words to describe it
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