Most Commonly Asked Questions About Curtain

Considering that curtain may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about curtain for you to get started.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Curtain 1

1. When washing a vinyl shower curtain in the washing machine, should I use hot, warm, or cold water?

id say wash on a 50 degree wash that should be hot enough and put in lots of washing ppowder and fabric softner as well hope this answered u question

2. Can I curve an L-shaped shower curtain rod myself?

Depending the diameter of the rod. It's possible you could use a pipe bending tool, like the one intended to bend conduit for running electric wires

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Curtain 2

3. this old indian curtain on my wall is BREATHINGGGG?

thats freakin weird dude , i mean juss throw it away and stop taking drugs ok.ok

4. Basic Standard Deviation Question - Curtain rails

The question asked in A is what proportion of rails will be shorter than 27mm , not 2.7 mm., so the answer is actually 35.5%. Strictly speaking the question should should be "what is the probability that a rail will be shorter than 27 mm?". That this will be the actual proportion is a broad inference.Question B likewise can be rephrased as the probability of a rail being in the 85th percentile or above and is the value of $x$ that satisfies the condition$$ 1-int_-infty^x p(mu,sigma,xi)dxi=1-D(mu,sigma,x)=0.15 $$where $p()$ and $D()$ are the probability density and cumulative distribution functions. The answer is $x=$ 30.8 mm, using EXCEL's NORMINV function.The answer to C is $D(mu,sigma,x_max)-D(mu,sigma,x_min)$ which you can calculate and figure out D on your own.

5. How can I hang a fireplace curtain?

When you bought it , you should have every thing in the kit to hang it. Brick mason

6. Can plastic shower curtain liners go in the washing machine and dryer?

You could put them in the washer (on gentle cycle in cold water), but I wash mine in the bathtub. It is easy to handle that way. It would melt in the should be hung up on a line to dry (or if you do not have a line.....hang it over the clean shower rod)

7. Showering Questions for life teen retreat?

A stall is a secluded area where you are partially of fully blocked from others' views. I can not say whether it will have curtains or not, it varies from place to place. I would expect at least a 3 sided enclosure with possibly a door or curtain.

8. How do I cut and hem a fabric shower curtain without losing the weighted bottom?

Move the rod up higher

9. Where did the term "Iron Curtain" come from?

The phrase was originally used by Winston Churchill in a speech "Sinews of Peace" given at Westminster College in Fulton Missouri,March 1946. He used to describe Soviet domination of Eastern and Central Europe in the immediate aftermath of WW2.

10. What color towels and shower curtain should I get to match this color of walls?

Rust Colored Shower Curtain

11. How do you clean a clear plastic shower curtain?

i think you can put them in your washing machine, then hang dry

12. What can I make out of a shower curtain? Read more....?

Well if it has cute interesting patterns/pictures on it, you could cut it and put the pieces in some store bought frames. or maybe, if your crafty, create some throw pillows for her. :)

13. im doing my room in the nightmare before chirstmas theme any curtain ideas?

Use tree branches as curtain rods, you can also paint the branches black. You can find black paneled curtains either at Walmart or Target for cheap

14. What kind of fabric required for a very small stage curtain?

Either underlined shiny stuff, like taffeta, or velvet or velveteen would be my first two picks. Old time puppet theaters often also had logos or designs painted on their stage curtains. Weight the hem so it will hang well -- slip some hardware chain into the hem, something like curb chain. Or use drapery weights.

15. Will you walk in, read and c.c. "Shower Curtain" an overnight stay on way home?

It is well-written, by the theme is so well-known. I knew from the first phrase what was going to happen. I should clarify this. I meant the first phrase, "I am a female," of the 2nd stanza. I would have preferred, "I am a woman," because "female" should, in my opinion, be used for non-human animals.

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