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1. If as Americans we were against the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain why are we building the Steel Curtain.?

Not all Americans were in favor of the Berlin wall coming down. Read of the many cons of that happening. What we did to the groups you have mentioned, in our history, was reprehensible, but again, this is NOW. We cannot change the past, only try to change the future. What is hypocritical about being against those here ILLEGALLY? It has nothing to do with the other, and they are the ones committing the crime of breaking the law, not those who are legally in this country

2. What can of pipe/tube can I use for a curtain rod?

If PVC is too flimsy, one option is to go to a plumbing supply store and get shower curtain hardware including the sturdy metal bracket that attaches to the wall. You can paint the hardware and cover the pipe with a plastic sleeve made for that purpose. Gorilla is correct (below). I should have mentioned that you will need supports.

Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Curtain 2

3. POLL: Shower curtain or shower doors for a shower/tub combo?

Shower Door :)

4. The Curtain Rod...Pretty funny for us ladies..?

HAHAHA that is soooo funny

5. Are the most powerful people in America (and the world even)unelected people behind the curtain?

Yes... they are the bankers and CEO'S. If we dont rally agianst them now we will never escape their clutch

6. Window Curtain ideas?

I would definitely go with a patternstripes, florals, abstractwhatever accents your style the most. A lot of different colors would go with what you already have, but I think you might need something that "pulls everything together". I would go with some pattern that incorporates your b & w, red and also maybe some either golds or dark greens? You can always go to a fabric/upholstery store and see what they have available that you like, and they can be helpful with your selections if you take in some pictures of what you are working with. It's hard to answer without seeing the actually room and style:) Best of Luck!

7. Fixing a curtain holder to a hole in the wall where it was pulled out?

Even easier, is to put a little plastic screw anchor into the hole. Use one that fits the screw you want to use. If it's too small to fit snugly, wrap the little end with a bit of tape until it does fit snugly. Piece of cake

8. where to buy a classy looking shower curtain? see details?

Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Jeffreys, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, or Saks Fifth Avenue

9. I wan to grow my hair curtain way.?

Either you can grow a Afro or you can't sowwies lol

10. Does your shower have a sliding door or a curtain?

what a question but we have a door

11. Which is the MOST correct definition of the "Iron Curtain"?

Well it can be b c and d because b c and d all happend with the iron curtain

12. Can curtain airbags be added to a used 2005 Toyota Matrix XR?

Yes but it would cost a fortune and you would need to be a Toyota tmechanic. You would have to purchase all the individual parts from the dealer and install without directions. If you want one with side air bags keep shopping.

13. If as Americans we were against the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain why are we building the Steel Curtain.?

They were keeping people from leaving, holding them hostage. We are keeping criminals out of our country. It is our right to do that.

14. Which Way do You Pull the Shower Curtain?

I don't have a shower curtain since most Japanese houses have shower rooms separate from the bathroom, but I'd suggest putting some sort of clip on the right, that way the curtain can only open and close with one side remaining where you want.

15. Would this shower curtain match my bathroom?

Just do crisp white plush towels. Black would be too heavy and tan would not work Your artwork does not have to be black/white. You can add colorful animal prints or tropical pictures. And change the rugs to white

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