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Based upon seasonally adjusted figures for a 6m x 6m doorway open for 24 hours a day in a building in operation for 215 days during the October-April heating period, the total cost of energy wasted would be £16,770. Furthermore, these figures only show the cost of heat loss. It is impossible to calculate how much more is wasted through cold air gain, but this will cause a further drain on resources. The heating system would need to compensate for both heat loss and cold air gain to restore comfort temperatures.

Air Curtain Acts Like an Invisible Door | Loading Bays & Doors News | Factory & Handling Solutions 1

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How can I make an inexpensive curtain type room divider?

get some fabric hang it from the celiling on hooks

What color Should my Shower curtain be?

Air Curtain Acts Like an Invisible Door | Loading Bays & Doors News | Factory & Handling Solutions 2

I would choose something that slightly stands out against the white of the cabinets,the neutral color of the ceiling and nice rustic tile flooring. In my opinion I would choose a nice moss green, it is a very flexible color that goes great with many room themes

How do I replace the passenger side curtain airbag on a 2004 E46 320D BMW?

The airbag light will turn on if it senses a small child or a lightweight adult in the front passenger seat and this is normal. Otherwise there is something wrong which should be addressed since it is a safety issue. There is a passenger seat occupancy sensor under the upholstery seat cover of the front passenger seat. The wires of the seat mat/occupancy sensor, seat adjustments and seat belt tensioner all connect to the cable connector under the seat. If there is a bad connection, or if the seat mat sensor or seatbelt tensioner is bad, then the airbag light would come on. Oftentimes, stray soda cans and water bottles compromises the cable connections. Seat mats are often replacted due to breaks in the sensor wires or bad modules (in your car the seat mat module is at the rearmost of the seat). A bad seatbelt buckle/tensioner can also turn on the airbag light (but most usually only the seatbelt light). Coffee/food spilled into the seatbelt buckle can also turn on the light.

I'm doing a research paper on repression behind the iron curtain. What are some areas I should focus on?

You have two ideas that just do not mesh. The Marshall Plan was a plan to program billions of dollars to countries on the “Iron Curtain“ boundary so they could develop their economies and improve the living standard of the people. If this happened, the people would be less attracted to Communism. That there was repression behind the Iron Curtain did not blend in. After all, most involved countries had gone through hell in WW II, and repression was the least of their problems after the war

Who is the Government to tell me that I have to put up a door 'or at least a curtain' to my daughter's bedroom?

well there's laws regarding indecent exposure

What are some inexpensive wedding ceremony decorations and backdrop curtain?

I would go to churchbows website. They have real nice decorations for great prices. I use them for all my events I plan. Good Luck

Cheap rear projection screen and as big as a theater curtain?

Wow, quite a project. Not sure what would be cheap. Perhaps sewing white muslin cloth rolls together? No fabric is cheap these days

Checking curtain rod stability?

If you have pulled on them and demonstrated that they are sufficiently solid, it sounds like you have a relationship issue involving physics vs. "alternative facts". Personally, for anchoring in wallboard, I prefer "zip-its", also known as auger anchors, tornados, and even wall-drillers, based on their part number at a certain manufacturer. By the way, the plastic sleeve anchors that your partner likes are, I believe, better suited for cinder-block and concrete. In plaster-board, it's zip-its or toggle-bolts that you really want

What is the purpose of installing a curtain between my bed and my son's bassinet?

The main reason is so your son gets used to being in a space of his own and makes him think you are not right there. It may also help him not smell your milk but I am not completely sure about that. It is totally up to you when you put him in his own room, but I do believe the Dr is recommending this now because it is much easier to transition him now at this age then it will be when he is older.

Curtain rings on wood curtain rod stick when trying to close them. ( Formal dining area)?

Wooden Curtain Rings

Franny&zooey,J.D.Salinger: “Who said so?” A sound of agitated tub water came from the behind of shower curtain....?

Just before you finish working on something (a painting, your appearance, a garden) you give it a final critical look to see if there is any last improvement you can make

Where to get a tub surrounding shower curtain rod?

Bed Bath and Beyond, but hurry it's going out of business

what can i use for a curtain rod?

Copper tubing, branches,pvc pipe, discarded plumbing pipes and you could paint them.Hope that helps

What's better for a tub? Shower door or shower curtain?


We are installing a shower curtain rod in drywall, and on one side only- we drilled but hit an obstacle...?

I do not think that whatever you hit is to important. Maybe a stud or nail plate. See if you can drill through it. If you can go to lowes and see if they have a smaller anchor you can use. take the anchor you have now and ask the guy in hardware about it. I would just keep drilling though.

I need to find a free standing curtain rod stand to work as a room divider. Any ideas on where to get this?

I would suggest you hang a rod from the ceiling if possible. Anything free standing will be prone to tipping over with the possibility of damage to your show room or worse, injury to an employee or customer

I need to drill through bathroom tile to install a bathroom curtain rod. I dont want to crack the tile?

I tile, and repair tile, every day of my life, and never understand how people get into this situation. Certainly you will get answers about diamond bits, slow pace, lubricant, use tape over, tap a starter hole, etc. etc., and that process can work, but I will hope you have extra tile. At the very least you might modify the hanging plan a bit, by adjusting whatever kind of rod you want to hang, and carefully drill it into/through grout lines, not the tile face. Steven Wolf Just an added notion. Either the window is in the shower/tub area, or the bathroom is tiled to the celing, all over? or at least on the wall where the window exists? Does the tile extend into the recess? Is the window and it's framing, come flush with the interior wall?

Suspending curtain rod from the ceiling?

You may have to drill through the ceiling to get to the cross beams in the roof, that way it will be able to hold weight. However if you do this , and decide to take it down later, you will have holes in your ceiling

Can you install curtain rod with a screwdriver or hammer or do u need a power drill?

Keep the blinds up and go to Lowes and buy replacement slats that are not light filtering. They come in a box of 12 I believe and only cost around $14.00 for the whole box. I've purchased them a few times. once for replacing the light filtering ones and once for slats that have fallen off over time.

which store can i find a canopy bed curtain? please tell me right away.?

They are almost impossible to buy. Every bed has a different method, or size, to accommodate. They are very simple to sew

Why does my cat chew on plastic (garbage bags, shower curtain liners, ect)?

I am not sure but one of our cats licks plastic grocery store bags. Not sure why he does, but he seems to like something on them. Maybe the smell or the texture of the plastic. I wish I knew also.

How do I get metal curtain rings to slide over the ridge caused by the two telescoping parts of the rod?

Duct tape around it.Just a small piece will do

What do I use for a curtain rod in front of vertical blinds?

Curtain Rod Extender

what color curtain goes with brown & cream furniture ? with white walls and cream flouring?

look for a print that has a cream or white background and a good bit of brown in it

What would I use to bond vinyl to vinyl? (Shower curtain)?

well, unless ur really good at this job, that wudnt really b a good idea...u can go to any store (walmart, target, tjmaxx, bed bath and beyond, etc) and get wat u want there

How do you get soap grime off your shower curtain?

Put it in the washer with a load of towels. The tricky part is getting all the water off. It can be put in the dryer with the towels for just a couple of minutes. Then hang it back up on the rod. You are right, it does not take long for the soap scum to show up again. A . . . . . . work is never done

Any ideas on how to hang a curtain up on a UPVC door to cover the glass area?

If you are using a net then buy the appropriate rod use a good quality double sided stick on pad and hook which you will need to adapt to fit the rod (I am sure there must be something made to suit this problem) or you will have to drill the UPVC door. Alternatively you could use a dusted crystal type film from a sign shop and turn the glass opaque it could look quite contemporary if you cut three square holes in the film. Ask your sign shop for detailed fitting instructions as it is applied wet and squeegeed to remove the water then trimmed in situ with a scalpel. what ever you decide good luck.

Saw whimsical shower curtain and rug called Dancing In The Streets. What do you Think?

Not bad, I would throw a little red in for a little extra oomph

Does anyone know where to get a hanging vinyl or plastic "curtain" to show 4x6 pictures with?

urban outfitters might still have them and places like lines n things and bed bath and beyond would definitely have them

What is the best way to keep a stubron shower curtain rod from falling?

get a new one so the spring is nice and tight and new OR put a nails in the wall under each side by the rubber so it doesnt fall

Does anyone know a good website that will send you a email when a new game is released for a curtain console?

definitely i go there for all of my news on games, release dates, etc. and they have a really great newsletter. you should check it out

Where can i buy a curtain rod for the window that is next to my door?

i could the two do blinds, or they have this relatively new product that sounds like stained glass, and merely shop on including your homestead windows, they have it at Lowes, and that's made for those small homestead windows around doors. I style of like the blinds theory however, you may frequently get them organized the proper length and that they are actually not too severe priced, the stained glass window action picture is even much less. desire this facilitates!

Where can i buy a beaded door curtain? NOT online.. an actual store??

Spencers... or claires

Should I cover a large mirror with a curtain or something if it's directly facing my bed?

Change the doors

Where can I find a beaded door curtain with the British flag design on it?

Beaded Door Curtains Uk

How would I set up a light bulb curtain like this?

The "strings" of bulbs are called festoon, and can be purchased from hardware stores. They often come with coloured bulbs, but you can replace them with whatever you wish.If it's for once-off use, you can rent them from party hire or lighting companies. Festoon strings come with a simple plug on the end, and can be connected to a powerstrip or regular power outlet, so long as the total number of watts drawn do not exceed the circuit. In the image above, that would run fine from one outlet

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New! Creative Ideas on Choosing Your Window Covering Style
New! Creative Ideas on Choosing Your Window Covering Style
Window coverings have a process on how you should choose your window curtains and drapes. You have three basic choices to decide from on what window treatment is best for your homes decor. You first have to decide whether you want informal or formal window coverings? Secondly unlined or lined? And thirdly the style and type of heading desired. After you have decided on the type of window treatment you are looking for you can start to finalize the design. Window coverings are influenced by several elements, which include the function of the space, the style of the architecture of the home, and the window treatment preferences of the homeowner. The resulting factor is the same window design can be treated very differently depending on the person's taste. Imagine a dining room that has a bay window. This type of window style is usually a multi layered floor length window treatment - basically it's a formal window covering. If your taste is a more casual laid-back style you may introduce an informal appearance of café curtains with some sill length and some tied back side panels.What is a full formal window treatment? A formal window covering usually will have two or three layers. The first layer may be the casement curtain and will be installed within your Windows trim area. Usually you would use a sheer, solid or maybe a lace panel that will lay straight or either gathered at the top. Over draperies usually called just draperies will be your second layer. Generally they will cover the trim and window and if there is room left stretched further to each side or even the area that is above your window. Optionally the third layer of your full formal window treatment will be a valance this is also known as pelnet that horizontally runs across the top of your window and will cover the curtain or drapery heading. Another piece of the formal window treatment is a hard valance, also known as a lanbre-quin or a cornice. It is normally made with wood, which is then covered with upholstery or some fabric. To some people by not using the third treatment it will appear like the window covering is unfinished but in all sense this depends on the taste and style that you are trying to obtain. By using heavy but curious fabrics which would include brocades, Tapestries, silks, Damasks and velvet you will enhance the prestige of the formal treatment. The downside of these fabrics is that they will require cleaning from professionals every couple of years. What is an Informal window treatment?An informal window treatment can consist of one or two basic layers or you may decide on having nothing at all. If you have a great window location with privacy a beautiful window can look great even without a dressing especially if you have a great view. Sometimes just some basic casement curtains look great for a casual room. If you need to cover only the lower half of the window a Café curtain can offer you privacy and not block the light. Fabrics that are used for the informal look consist of chitz, ticking, linen, muslin and gingham. A benefit to the informal window coverings over the formal window coverings is that most of these are washable and easy to take care of. Window drapes and curtain linings Depending whether you have a formal or informal curtain or drape covering it will often decide if your window treatment will be lined. Factors will include the amount of natural light you want in your room and the length of time you expect the arrangement will last. Unlined curtains diffuse daylight but won't exclude it. Being the simplest form for your window covering it is still very effective by itself as a window under treatment. The unlined treatment doesn't have the extra thickness of a lining and will stack lightly back. A good choice is to use a fabric that looks attractive from both sides so there will not be a right or wrong side for the inside or outside of your window covering. Classic choices for unlined treatments would consist of lace, mobile, Muslim and sheers that are made out of cotton or silk organza. You may even have textured fabrics that have open weaves; an unlined curtain will filter the light beautifully and give you some privacy in the evening when the lamp is on. Try consolidating sheers with window blinds and shades. Unlined curtain drawbacks are the damage from the sunlight on the window treatment because there is no lining for your window fabric for protection it will deteriorate rapidly. Lined curtains and drapes Lined curtains and drapes have more body, which will give you softer and deeper folds and improve the window treatment appearance. The lining will block sunlight and protect the window fabric from fading. A lining also preserves the color and increases your privacy and will reduce noise from outside. Look for linings that are treated to resist sun damage and rot, once the lining becomes deteriorated you can just realign it or just hang the window covering without the lining on. The rule of thumb is that if you line one curtain in the room do all the rest the same so they will match, Usually the lining fabric will be off-white or white although you can get colored linings you should know that this will affect the hue of the window covering when light passes through it especially in a lightweight curtain fabric get samples and test them together for a color change.
Why Supermarket Chiller Aisles May soon Not Be so Chilly
Why Supermarket Chiller Aisles May soon Not Be so Chilly
Have you ever gone food shopping on a lovely hot day only to be turned into an icicle walking past the supermarket's open chiller cabinets?Suddenly that shorts and T-shirt combo doesn't seem like such a smart idea as you dive in to grab your organic yoghurts.Well all that chilly discomfort could soon be history thanks to a gadget inspired by Formula 1 racing cars.The device is basically a thin strip of aluminium and plastic shaped like a wing that is attached to the front of the cabinet shelves. "The aerofoil acts like the rear wing of an F1 car and guides the air to create an air curtain," explains Craig Wilson, managing director of Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE)."It stops cold air spilling out into the stores."The strip, a result of a collaboration between WAE, the offshoot of the Williams F1 team, and Aerofoil Energy, may look simple, but it could save supermarkets millions in refrigeration costs.UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's is so impressed it has decided to fit the aerofoils in as many of its 1,400 supermarkets and convenience stores as it can."My wife used to moan at me incessantly about the cold when she went shopping at our local store," says Paul Crewe, Sainsbury's head of sustainability."But after we fitted the aerofoils she thought we'd turned the heating up." Of course, it's not just about customer comfort. The supermarket chain's annual electricity bill is "in the hundreds of millions of pounds", he says, and refrigeration accounts for about half of that.Fitting the aerofoils is reducing the chain's refrigeration costs by up to 15%, says Mr Crewe - a potential annual saving of nearly £10m."By looking outside of our industry, and borrowing technology from an industry that is renowned for its speed and efficiency, we are accelerating how we are reducing the impact on the environment, whilst making shopping in Sainsbury's stores a more comfortable experience," he says.But why do we have open chiller cabinets in the first place? Wouldn't cabinets with doors be much more efficient?"Consumers didn't like having to open and close doors on fridges, so we needed a new solution," argues Mr Crewe.But Myles McCarthy, director of implementation at the Carbon Trust, a sustainability consultancy that does a lot of work with supermarkets, suspects this has more to do with marketing."They think we'll buy less if there's a barrier between the products and the consumer," he says.While he welcomes the aerofoil innovation, he says: "This is just a stop-gap. The best way to reduce energy consumption is to put sliding or pull-out doors on all their fridges - this could cut electricity usage by 30%-40%."He thinks all the leading supermarkets should get together and all agree to put doors on their fridges by a certain date.This would "achieve their sustainability goals and save a lot of money," he argues, "and then they wouldn't lose competitive advantage."But in the fiercely competitive, price-driven world of supermarket retailing, it's hard to see such consensus breaking out any time soon. One of the problems with refrigeration - apart from the high electricity consumption - is that the traditional coolants used - hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) - are extremely polluting greenhouse gases that inevitably leak into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.So there are moves within the industry to switch to natural refrigerants based, ironically, on carbon dioxide (CO2), another greenhouse gas.But these natural CO2 alternatives are a thousand times less polluting than HFCs and HCFCs.Earlier this year, German discount supermarket group Aldi announced that it was spending £20m on installing natural refrigerants across all of its UK stores to reduce its environmental impact.Tesco, the largest UK supermarket chain, says it has reduced its refrigerant emissions by 14% since 2015/16.Of course, this is a global issue.Last year in Rwanda, nearly 200 countries agreed to amend the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer and begin phasing out HFCs.Supermarkets in general have been trying to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprints in a number of ways to combat global warming.For example, Sainsbury's is switching 250,000 lights to lower-energy LED fittings in its larger stores, slashing lighting energy consumption by 58% and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 3.4% annually, the company says.Others have been making greater use of natural light, fitting solar panels on to store roofs, and working with suppliers to reduce their energy consumption.Tesco has committed to running entirely on renewable energy in the UK and Ireland by the end of this year, and worldwide by 2030. "A food retail business could reduce its energy use by 20%-40% just by implementing a range of existing technologies," says Mr McCarthy. "These companies are committing to significant long-term decarbonisation of their businesses and to the use of renewables - which is very encouraging."
Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Curtain
Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Curtain
Do you want to know about curtain? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. If as Americans we were against the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain why are we building the Steel Curtain.?Not all Americans were in favor of the Berlin wall coming down. Read of the many cons of that happening. What we did to the groups you have mentioned, in our history, was reprehensible, but again, this is NOW. We cannot change the past, only try to change the future. What is hypocritical about being against those here ILLEGALLY? It has nothing to do with the other, and they are the ones committing the crime of breaking the law, not those who are legally in this country2. What can of pipe/tube can I use for a curtain rod?If PVC is too flimsy, one option is to go to a plumbing supply store and get shower curtain hardware including the sturdy metal bracket that attaches to the wall. You can paint the hardware and cover the pipe with a plastic sleeve made for that purpose. Gorilla is correct (below). I should have mentioned that you will need supports.3. POLL: Shower curtain or shower doors for a shower/tub combo?Shower Door :)4. The Curtain Rod...Pretty funny for us ladies..?HAHAHA that is soooo funny5. Are the most powerful people in America (and the world even)unelected people behind the curtain?Yes... they are the bankers and CEO'S. If we dont rally agianst them now we will never escape their clutch6. Window Curtain ideas?I would definitely go with a patternstripes, florals, abstractwhatever accents your style the most. A lot of different colors would go with what you already have, but I think you might need something that "pulls everything together". I would go with some pattern that incorporates your b & w, red and also maybe some either golds or dark greens? You can always go to a fabric/upholstery store and see what they have available that you like, and they can be helpful with your selections if you take in some pictures of what you are working with. It's hard to answer without seeing the actually room and style:) Best of Luck!7. Fixing a curtain holder to a hole in the wall where it was pulled out?Even easier, is to put a little plastic screw anchor into the hole. Use one that fits the screw you want to use. If it's too small to fit snugly, wrap the little end with a bit of tape until it does fit snugly. Piece of cake8. where to buy a classy looking shower curtain? see details?Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Jeffreys, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, or Saks Fifth Avenue9. I wan to grow my hair curtain way.?Either you can grow a Afro or you can't sowwies lol10. Does your shower have a sliding door or a curtain?what a question but we have a door11. Which is the MOST correct definition of the "Iron Curtain"?Well it can be b c and d because b c and d all happend with the iron curtain12. Can curtain airbags be added to a used 2005 Toyota Matrix XR?Yes but it would cost a fortune and you would need to be a Toyota tmechanic. You would have to purchase all the individual parts from the dealer and install without directions. If you want one with side air bags keep shopping.13. If as Americans we were against the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain why are we building the Steel Curtain.?They were keeping people from leaving, holding them hostage. We are keeping criminals out of our country. It is our right to do that.14. Which Way do You Pull the Shower Curtain?I don't have a shower curtain since most Japanese houses have shower rooms separate from the bathroom, but I'd suggest putting some sort of clip on the right, that way the curtain can only open and close with one side remaining where you want.15. Would this shower curtain match my bathroom?Just do crisp white plush towels. Black would be too heavy and tan would not work Your artwork does not have to be black/white. You can add colorful animal prints or tropical pictures. And change the rugs to white
Mexico a Perfect Holiday Destination of Latin America
Mexico a Perfect Holiday Destination of Latin America
Mexico has long been a well-known holiday destination owing to its beautiful countryside picturesque landscape and culture. Now is also a major destination for Canadians and Americans for yoga retreats. The following are some of the places you visit during your vacation in Mexico:El ZocaloThis is a famous tourist spot surrounded by the cathedral square, coffee shops and has a historical and architectural value. The best time to enjoy the square is at night, when surrounded by tourists and a visitor to enjoy it's a band playing in the center. When on a vacation to Mexico, you can always enjoy a great night to visit the place and see dancing and listening to music outdoors.Palacio de Bellas ArtesThis white marble structure is another famous tourist spot in Mexico and is located in a corner of the Central Alameda. The Palace also shows museums as the Museum of Architecture and the Museum of Fine Arts Palace. With an art center and a huge concert hall, the place is often surrounded by tourists and visitors waiting to experience the wealth of sculptures, paintings and art for your holidays in Mexico. Museums also have a collection of renowned artists such as David Alfro Siqueiros, Diego Rivera and Rufino Tamayao. The glass curtain theater stage is another major attraction that draws many tourists and visitors.Templo MayorA vacation in Mexico is not complete without a visit to the main temple of the Aztecs, which has a rich historical value to. Built in 1375, the temple was rebuilt and enlarged at different stages. The museum also features an extraordinary museum, which displays artifacts or objects excavated at the original site and these relic items with a global summary of the Aztec civilization. The stone work of art is also a reason to vacation in Mexico to visit this resort. There are many Latin America tour operators who can arrange your visit to Mayor temple.GuanajuatoFounded in 1558, this colonial jewel of Mexico is a city with a rich historical background and is worth a trip to when on vacation in Mexico. This city gives a touch of history and beauty of its national holiday in Mexico, with its impressive architecture, old buildings, narrow valley, museums, churches, irregular streets, but beautifully situated and houses, hiding places, tunnels and steep stairs to reach the houses built on slopes. The city is a major tourist spot since being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.Zona RosaThis region is the central destination for tourists and visitors seeking a relaxing holiday in Mexico. The place is home to the nightlife of shops, restaurants and dazzling, with streets showing surprising shops, bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants.The ideal time for a vacation in Mexico in July and August, October and May for during this time the weather is mild. Mexico is beautiful during the day, the country truly becomes alive at night when people think out of the woodwork to enjoy life after the sunset. Crowded nightclubs, bars are celebrating, and there is always a feast or festival to enjoy. So want to enjoy a thrilling stay in Mexico than contact your travel agent and get best Latin America travel deals.
How to Clean Your Curtains Without Taking Them Down
How to Clean Your Curtains Without Taking Them Down
If your curtains are really greasy and have stubborn stains, then a vacuum cleaner will not be sufficient. Here a steam cleaner can easily come to your aid. Handheld steamers are readily available in the market. Get one of those miracle workers and see that they have upholstery attachment as well. This remarkable machine can remove stubborn stains and dirt with the least effort. Use gently vertical strokes to cover every square inch of your curtain and make sure that your steam cleaner is set to suit the thickness and quality of your curtain. The thicker your curtain the more effective will be the steam cleaner.• You May Also Want to Knowcurtain blind help me?I would definetaly go with Vanilla. It will match your curtains, and bring them out more, so that the eye is drawn toward the funnky curtains but you still have privacy. Good luck with your room! =]Do curtain shades that block out light completely exist?you can buy black out shades on a roller, or heavy curtains with thermal lining that will block the light when you draw them, but there is no curtain shadeLight entering from sides of blackout curtainWe have this issue in both kids bedrooms that face west.What I did was, below the blackout curtains, fix a blackout roller-blind against the window, and add thin strips of wood down the sides which the roller-blinds fit underneath, this stops all light bleed at the edges, and because the blind comes right down to the bottom of the casement, it stops bleed from the bottom as well, which seems to be your main issue.Or, you could also look at adding black blackout material to the back of your curtains, which will drastically reduce the reflected light bleed (but increase the amount of heat radiated into the room - having a secondary blind helps with this, as well).What's your favorite curtain pattern?Hello there,There are so many curtain patterns available on the market today. Here you can find the best curtain patterns. Curtain Designsthank you!I have pink gunk with some black in it in my bathroom all over the shower, curtain, and alittle on the floor c?Yes. I kick at the curtain then wonder what if someone was back there... Maybe there is and he was out of the way of my kick. Then I open the curtain and see it is empty. I do not hear anything there, I just get scared because people do break in people's houses, and what makes me less likely to be a victim to that than anyone else? Nothing. So I get scared and lookFinding properly sized curtain panels for my room to block out light.?Both Linen 'N Things and Bed Bath & Beyond have thermal or black out curtain panels for about $40. But you can get a window film to darken them them use dark curtains to darken you room even moreWhen ordering window curtains, am I ordering one curtain for my whole window, or one for each side?The blackout thermals say they are sold as a pair. You would only need to buy one set. The size depends on how far past the window you want them to go. I would measure 54 inches from the top of the window down. See where the bottom of that size curtain would reach and determine if you like the length.during Lent, do Catholics stop taking communion and do the altar curtain close?No, we do not stop taking communion during Lent. Masses continue right up until the day before Easter Sunday called Holy Saturday. On the day, the Altar coverings are removed and everything is put away until the night time during the Easter Vigil (which marks the official beginning of Easter). We really do not have altar “curtains.“ EDIT: The “curtain“ you are referring to is called the reredos. All it is is a decorative screen behind the altar for elegance or what have you. It does not move.I want to paint my own shower curtain?Just ask for unwashable paint and will stay on the curtain and avoid it from getting wet..Or just buy cheap curtains with beautiful decorationsWhen I take a shower,why does the curtain blow inward?because the influx of water and the heat from the water make an up draft that flows over the top of the curtain this allows an area of low pressure which pulls the curtain in which is actually pulling cold air from the bottomThere 8 million beads in the New York State Theatre window curtain. What do they symbolize?They symbolize the 8 million possible reasons they might have had for making the curtain out of 8 million beads. They might also describe the 8 million versions of reality held by the residents of New York state. Or the 8 million versions of Truth held by the one person who made the curtain. Or the 8 million different answers I could think of to this question if I had not already lost interest.Any solution to prevent wet floor while use shower curtain?I create my own seal. Take water in your hand and press it against the wall and the curtain. Then press the curtain against the wall and the water should act as a sealhow far should curtain track be from each other?Assuming you will use an 'I' beam for both curtains, the dimensions you give are adequate for both sheers and solid draperies. You would increase the space to 2.5 or 3 inches for the one closest to the wall, if you think the curtain/drapery might be too close, but 4 in. between track sounds fineDying curtain panels--need suggestions and information?Even if you do dye them, they will still be lighter at the edges. You can find some silk/cotton and sew edges on them (does not have to be the same colour-maybe pick up wall colour). Another suggestion I used in my bedrooms is to buy queen or king sized doona covers on sale, sew curtain tape to the top and hang as curtains.Why does my shower curtain tend to billow in towards me and stick to my legs?the next time you replace your shower curtain..(recommended at least every 6 months)..available at most all stores, ie., walmart, bed bath and beyond, etc..are shower curtains made with suction cups on the top and bottom..that should work greatHow to decorate a plain curtain? Do it yourself?Certainly since it's YOUR room you can likely decorate as you wish. I can not sew, but my first thought was to stitch PIPING or they wazy kind of decorative trim to the pieces. It would add something while not being tacky. I realize there are hundreds of things and ways you could do the curtains, but often we tire easily of Flash and Trendy. I do have one other suggestion, and certainly at some point you could always change the curtains anyway. When my daughter was a YOUNG teen, I decorated her OFF white room, with those glow in the dark kind of stars and chips. Her ceiling was loaded with them and they extended down the walls in random waves. Then her Dark Blue Drapes were also decorated with them to math the wall random patterns. The chips were not so noticable during daylight, and were easy to remove at some point when she matured. She liked it at least, and admittedly it grew on me after the fact, like sleeping under the stars. Just my two cents. Steven Wolfi need some curtain advice for a little boys room.?1] pick a solid color that matches one of the wall colors, the carpet color, or bedding color. 2] get plain wood, white, or off white blinds; add dark blue edging around window frame [ same width as white stripes ]. Can also 'frame' closet and room doors. 3] get some large adult jerseys, wide enough in shoulders to thread curtain rod through, and use them as curtains! [ expensive but fun! ]What colour curtain and sofa should i get?Alot is going to depend on what other elements are in the room such as color and style of tables, artwork and accessories. With the furniture you have chosen you could go in several decorating choices. You could do French Country, painting the walls a pale yellow and incorporating blue and yellow toile curtain panels as well as a plaid fabric for throw pillows. Americana is an all time favorite. The walls could be a cream or brick red. Add plaid curtains. Lighthouse or Beach. Again painting the walls a cream color. Your possibilities are endless. Are you drawn to a specific look?.is it better to tuck a curtain behind a radiator to keep the warm air in?Not if you do not mind some minor damage to the curtains. We use a winterizing plastic that “shrinks“ to fit the window with a hair dryer and it works quite well and still allows for light and nice curtains. good luck!The iron curtain, barrier of freedom? (German RD)?The Iron curtain no longer exists. It was a imaginary but real division between communist countries and the western democracies. It ran through Germany. The curtain bordered many eastern European Countries. Romania, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, Yugoslavia etc. This fell with the failing of Communist Soviet UnionWhat color should I paint my bathroom (designed around a specific shower curtain)?Cute curtain. For some reason I am drawn to the carmel-like color dots, so I am thinking how cute a bathroom would be painted a warm carmel color, and your other accents could be the other color dots in the curtain, so it all ties together. (I, like you, enjoy the rich tones.) Maybe I am silly, but I am imagining a carmel colored basket on your bathroom floor with rolled up towels in it that are blue, red, and carmelWhat are shower curtain towels and how do they differ from regular bath towelsThe primary difference between a shower curtain towel and a regular bath towel is its purpose. Shower curtain towels are use to prevent water from getting on the floor during a shower. It also provides a sense of cover. Regular bath towels are generally used after a shower when drying.What is the best type of Shower curtain? Details please?This Site Might Help You.RE:What is the best type of Shower curtain? Details please?Due to mobility issues I am having to replace Shower Doors with shower curtains.I already bought the best curved style Curtain Rods, and Grab bars, etc. but when I research Shower Curtains I come up with too many different options, and I am not sure which is best.Vinyl......Needing help making a glitter shower curtain!!?This Site Might Help You.RE:Needing help making a glitter shower curtain!!?Hello! Would any one of you know how to make a glitter shower curtain like the link in my picture? (They are all sold out and cannot find anywhere to buy one-unless you can!)...White walls, beige carpet and a gorgeous blue, red and cream colored quilt. What shade of curtain?The obvious thing to say would be red and/or blue...unless you want to introduce a new colour? But I quite like the natural idea, I think beige curtains look good against a white wall... and you could always add a touch of the red and blue. eg with tie backs, finials, blinds, curtain pole, etc.Also, using red and blue accessories elsewhere in the room will tie the scheme together.I need white curtains with chocolate brown stripes or one stripe... where can I find this?Canary yellow or stripe curtain would be effective. Cobalt blue is likewise a rather color. Use some wall decals to spruce up white partitions, undemanding to place in & eliminate. considerable to cling curtain rod slightly greater than the window, this would provide an impact that the ceiling is extreme. colored ceiling (sky blue) persist with comparable color to a million fringe of wall (the place mattress is) will additionally provide the comparable consequence. All white partitions generally makes room smaller.
What Is the Standard Height for a Shower Curtain Rod
What Is the Standard Height for a Shower Curtain Rod
The standard size of a shower curtain is 70 inches wide by 72 inches high. Assume that the shower curtain will hang approximately 1-1/2 inches below the center of the rod and that you would like the curtain to hang 3 inches above the floor. Then the rod should be mounted with its center at 76-1/2 inches above the floor.. .Answer. .The primary consideration when hanging a shower curtain is to keep the water in the shower. If you have a shower tub, you want to make sure the curtain can fit inside the tub without folding over at the bottom. The only exception to the above measurements would be if the shower tub is raised off of the floor. You would then need to make adjustments accordingly.• You May Also Want to KnowNeed suggestions for curtain colors and decorations.?I like the navy and cream..adding in navy and cream accessories throughout both rooms will tie it all together. I agree with your thinking..I am not a fan of hunter greenHow can i get my curtain rod up when i can't screw the nails into the wall?use elmers glue, very sticky and tastes greathow do i hang a curtain rod anchored into plaster walls.?on the top of your windows are headers. these extend past the sides up to about 4ins. you will need a 1-1/2 nail or screw to get past the lathe and plaster.the metal anchors are ok . but only if it is hollow behind wallwhat does a curtain wall mean in building construction?Is a Frameless Glass Panel - usually less than 1meter x 1meter with 12mm Thickness c/w tempered type (look from outside is frameless but look from inside you may see the aluminum skeleton) supported by Aluminum panel. It is install at the building facet so that exteriorily it looks modern and niceWhat color bed cover would u buy to match a satiny off-white curtain?I think i would try a dark red colorDoes it look stupid if I use a bed sheet for a curtain?sounds like white trash to meWe have rectangular shower curtain od around our claw foot tub - there's no space for shampoos and soap.?yah, you could get some of those really nice bathroom organizers. they come in all shapes and sizesWhy, in some orchestras, do you audition behind a curtain?As the others have noted, "blind" auditions were created to reduce gender bias, which favoured male musicians. The increased number of female musicians chosen since the introduction of this new method of auditioning has shown that the bias was real.Orchestrating Impartiality: The Impact of "Blind" Auditions on Female MusiciansMy mom says curtain beds are only for married couples?That is your mother's belief and it is to be respected. Your belief may be very different than hers. With the gentlest of respect take her hand and bring Mom along with you. She will be delighted.should curtain rods match in all bedrooms?i might definitely follow coordinating hardware interior of each and every room. this might provide the room a finished, cohesive seem. The bright silver accents will provide your grasp bathing room an upscale hotel seem. it would additionally help with the resale fee of the domicile. you additionally can proceed the bright silver hardware and accents into the grasp suite for the reason this is a series. regardless of the undeniable fact that, you do no longer would desire to do it throughout the finished domicile. when you consider which you relish brushed nickel the kitchen may be a large place to comprise it into the decor. have exciting!Who enjoyed the iron curtain!!!?Sigh, and I thought there would be some serious intent in the Q. First of all you posted in the wrong category, and while you may get a lot of attention, which seems to be your agenda I will offer some valid thoughts on the actual Q. No offense. Actually WE, the US and allies, “enjoyed“ and used it as a way to isolate from those block countries hiding behind it. I seriously doubt there was ever any REAL intent for anyone to PUSH THE BUTTON, but it certainly drove our economy, which is so fixed in a war based mode anyway. Worse was the end, the Lifting of it, most especially for our economy and culture. What it did was expand foreign trade, sadly, mutually profitable, to such companies as Walmart, and slave labor companies in the USSR and China, etc. Lifting certainly created narrow, specific wealth, and apparently created a sense here that CHEAPER is better, in a smiley face price slash, or a blue light special, but.... It also did and still does sap our manufacturing, millions of jobs, loss of income and stability of our personal and country wide economy, and demoralized millions into not having a choice but to shop “Made In *****“ Had we not chosen to negotiate the lifting of the wall, telling our population that it would offer or bring us to higher levels of peace, we could have easily remained isolationsist, secure in our stability, and have sated our greeds within our borders. Obviously PEACE did not happen, the economy might be steady, but “steadily declining“. We are truly a decent country, but could as easily end up not being the only country of Power, on the planet, unless we keep giving up our kids to fight our governments battles. I think the Onus of WEIGHT is certainly on us now, while others, even our enemies patiently wait our decline. Steven Wolf Just my 2 “sense“Euro 2008: group D curtain-raisers?Spain, as we all know have been underachieving for almost as long as our good neighbours Engerlund. I expect them to be a.Really good b. Really poor My cash is on Russia but if Spain win 4-0, it would not surprise me, with the Russians at almost 6/1 on Betfair, gotta take a shot at Spain blowing it like usual.... Im gonna go for Spain 1-2 Russia and Greece 0-0 Sweden if I was asked for correct scoresWhat can I use to make a curtain?another sheet works great. pick a matching color that you like. ifyou want the room to be dark, use a darker sheetShould I tip my curtain lady?If you are very well pleased with her Performance it is okay to show your appreciation.As long as you make an offer you can not keep up.Explain,normally you would not do that.older men; if you saw your daughter's friends beef curtain hanging out of her swimsuit would u lick it?why are you telling us you have that?! thats embarrising, and gross. this whole things gross and makes me wanna gag. he's 48!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did this even come about?!.Do you believe there is men behind the curtain that control everything?Yes there,s a secret underground government, they can make the mafia mob blushhow do airbags ( including side and curtain airbags) reduce injuries in car collisions?for particular, the youngster could desire to be interior the midst of the decrease back seat. Statistacally, it is the main secure place to be in any coincidence. besides, those part airbags are great, yet not for a small baby. i've got investigated a great sort of crashes and consequently, while youthful, my babies have been continuously interior the middle. stable successDo you know former Republican Speaker TRENT LOTT is the real man behind the curtain of our current disaster...?I need a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce Do not be frontin son — no seeds on the bun We be up in this drive through order for two I gots a cravin' fo' a numba nine like my shoe We need some chicken up in here, in this hizzle For rizzle my mizzle, extra salt on da frizzle Doctor pepper my brothah, another for ya motha Double-double supah size and do not forget the friesStory about a planet with curtain-like time 'zones'The Veils of Azlaroc by Fred Saberhagen. Here are the covers. Here is an review by Tab L. Uno:The novel The Veils of Azlaroc is an expansion of two shorter works, the short story "To Mark the Year on Azlaroc" and the novelette "Beneath the Hills of Azlaroc"; the latter was published in Odyssey, Spring 1976, available at the Internet ArchiveHow does one remove red lily pollen stains from a white curtain?Put a bit of tape on the pollen stain. You can use simple, everyday sticky tape to remove lily pollen without touching it. Simply press the tape gently onto the stain and then carefully remove it; the pollen should come off as well. If you donu2019t have any sticky tape at home, you could try lightly sweeping a pipe cleaner or a small brush across the stain to remove excess pollen instead.What style of curtain is this?Rod pocket panels with tie ups. Decorative, and not really functionalAre there any curtain dividers for bedrooms or rooms in general???My husband got one from Pier 1 Imports, try there. Also Ikea, and Pottery BarnDisadvantages of electronic first curtain shutter?I know this post is old, but I wanted to put in my two cents.I have a Sony A77 Mk2. The way I shoot is take multiple photos, then compare them at 100% magnification and look for any sort of blurring. I do this as for some reason I have trouble steadying my hands, but that's beyond the point. When I switched over from my A300 to the A77 Mk2, I started to notice noise in my photos. I took it in, and they disabled the setting (along with the enable Distort Comp), I found the images were cleaner.However, just recently (like mins ago), it was bugging me "is this doing what I think it is". So I ran another test run, and found that while small, I did see detail lost with the setting enabled (saw what was pencil erasings or like on an item, they were crisper with the setting off).So I have noticed that there is more noise with this setting enabled, and while small, it was enough to bug meShould I buy a striped pattern curtain even though my bedspread is a floral pattern?I think they look great together. It does not really matter what the pattern is. It looks a lot better sometimes even if they are not exactly the same. You should go for itHow did the iron curtain and the berline blockade of 1948 contribute to the red scare?The events of the late 1940s — the trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the Iron Curtain (1945-91) around Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union's nuclear weapon — surprised the American public, influencing popular opinion about U.S. national security, that, in turn, connected to fear of the Soviet Union atomic-bombing the United States, and fear of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA). In Canada, the 1946 Kellock-Taschereau Commission investigated espionage after top secret documents concerning RDX, radar and other weapons were handed over to the Soviets by a domestic spy-ring. At the House Un-American Activities Committee, former CPUSA members and NKVD spies, Elizabeth Bentley and Whittaker Chambers, testified that Soviet spies and communist sympathizers had penetrated the U.S. government before, during and after World War II. Other U.S. citizen spies confessed, some with pride, to their acts of espionage in situations where the statute of limitations on prosecuting them had run. In 1949, anti-communist fear, and fear of American traitors, was aggravated by the Chinese Communists winning the Chinese Civil War against the Western-sponsored Kuomintang, their founding of the People's Republic of China, and later Chinese intervention in the Korean War (1950-53) against U.S. ally South KoreaA problem like ( y 6 ) ( y - 3 ) how do i know when to make curtain things - or ?so u know the rule of foil right? first outside inside last. Ok to determine what sign it is (/-) it depends on what u multiply 2gether. since its posative y times positive y the answer will be posative y^2, then its negative 3 times y (u know any negative times posative turns negative) so itl be -3y, then its posative 6 times posative y = posative 6y then -3x6=-18 so the final answer will be y^2-3y6y-18 = y^23y-18. ill explain foil just incase u dont get it. (xy)(a-b) foil= first outside inside last u firstly multiply the first parts of both brackets so in this case it would be x times a = xa then o multiply the outsides of each bracket whivh is x times -b = -xb thge the insides of the brackets in this case would be y times a = ya the the last parts of the bracket which is -b times y = -yb so the answer is xa-xbya-yb hope it helps
Advantages of Glass Curtain Wall Systems
Advantages of Glass Curtain Wall Systems
A curtain wall system is the cover for the exterior of the building, on top of the wall. This is a non-structural element which is affixed later so that the weather can not damage the exterior wall and the occupants of the house can find comfort. If the construction materials are selected properly, it can reduce the overall construction cost as lightweight materials can be used. Glass is one of the most popular material for this purpose and glass curtain wall systems can be seen everywhere. There are other materials involved, such as metal panels, operable windows, stone veneers, louvres and other fittings. There are some fancy glass curtain systems which are made of glass only and are hold together by stainless steel frames and fittings. When compared against other materials, glass certainly has some advantages.Lighting: This is the best feature for having glass curtain walling. It allows the natural light to come in so the electricity bill is low and the inside of the house looks fresh and well ventilated. No artificial lighting is needed during the day time and the interior of the house displays true colours and it is pleasant for the eyes as well.View: The outdoor view is amazing when you are using glass walling system as you get a panoramic view of the outside. Whenever you want to take a break from work and want to relax, you need to just look outside and get a great view. You feel more energised and instantly recharged and working becomes a pleasant experience.Energy Saving: The glass walling generally has Aluminium fixture which provides an air tight system. This provides great comfort from the external weather. During the summer, the hot air is kept out while during the winters the warm air inside doesn't escape. Both of these leads to energy saving as the air conditioner or the central heater doesn't need to work all the time. When you add the energy saved from allowing natural light in, the cost saving is nothing but great.Waterproof: The glass panels are installed using a sealant which makes the barrier resistant against moisture which means that the water can not sip inside the building during rain. That means the building has a much lower maintenance cost and the glass wall can provide great relief to your walls as well. The glass panel is also resistant to corrosion.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is a curtain wall?A curtain wall is usually composed of glass panels divided by grids into many panels and are separated by mullions and transoms. Mullions are the vertical separations and transoms are the horizontal separations. However there are many combinations of curtain walls. Sometimes a single panel is considered a curtain wall. This is usually supported with spider system or with cables. Other times the panels are separated by grids without mullions and transoms.Note that some or all panels may be replaced with solid panels (wood, aluminum, stone, empty, ...). This is still a curtain wall. Basically it's a wall but composed of thin elements as opposed to thick block walls, gypsum walls, etc ...
Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Curtain Wall
Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Curtain Wall
Here are top 10 questions about Curtain wall asked by people online.1. Glass Curtain Wall Technology and Sustainability in Commercial Buildings in Auckland, New Zealand | International Journal of Built Environment and SustainabilityAl-Kodmany, K. (2016). Sustainable Tall Buildings: Cases From The Global South. International Journal of Architectural Research. 10 (2): 52-66. Arslan, G. & Eren, O. (2014). Analysis of effects of glass selection on energy efficiency in glass faade systems. Proceedings 4th International Conference on Advanced Construction, Kaunas, Lithuania. Bae, M.J, Oh, J.H. & Kim, S.S. (2015). The effects of the frame ratio and glass on the thermal performance of a curtain wall system. Energy Procedia. 78 2488-2493. Baggs, D. (2015). All-glass facades wo not exist in sustainable cities. Sourceable Industry News and Analysis, Architecture. (2007). Innovative Building Skins: Double Glass Wall Ventilated Faade. Innovative Building Skins: Double Glass Wall Ventilated Faade. Research paper for New Jersey School of Architecture, pp. 1-26. Structural Glass Systems under Fire: Overview of Design Issues, Experimental Research, and Developments. Hindawi Advances in Civil Engineering, 2017, ID 2120570, 1-18. Bedon, C. & Amadio, C. (2018). Numerical Assessment Of Vibration Control Systems For Multi-Hazard Design And Mitigation Of Glass Curtain Walls. Journal of Building Engineering. 15: 1-13. Bennett, A.F. (1987). Structural glazing in New Zealand: Development and current status. Building Research Association of New Zealand report # 13, National Building Technology Centre Seminar on Glazing, Sydney, Australia, 1-13. Bouden, C. (2007). Influence of Glass Curtain Walls On The Building Thermal Energy Consumption Under Tunisian Climatic Conditions: The Case Of Administrative Buildings. Renewable Energy. 32(1): 141-156. Butera, F.M. (2005). Glass architecture: is it sustainable? International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Cooling for the Built Environment, Santorini, Greece, 1-8. Cuce, E., Cuce, P.M. & Young, C.H. (2016). Energy Saving Potential Of Heat Insulation Solar Glass: Key Results From Laboratory And In-Situ Testing. Energy. 97: 369-380. Cuce, E. Riffat, S.B. & Young, C.H. (2015b). Thermal Insulation, Power Generation, Lighting And Energy Saving Performance Of Heat Insulation Solar Glass As A Curtain Wall Application In Taiwan: A Comparative Experimental Study. Energy Conversion and Management. 96: 31-38. Ding, G.K.C. (2008). Sustainable Construction - The Role Of Environmental Assessment Tools. Journal of Environmental Management. 86: 451-464. Flemmer, C.L. & Flemmer, R.C. (2005). Measures Of Sustainability: What Do They Mean And How Well Do They Work? Proceedings of the 2005 Australia-New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics (ANZSEE) Conference, Palmerston North, New Zealand, pp. 1-10. Futcher, J., Mills, G., Emmanuel, R & Korolija, I. (2017). Creating Sustainable Cities One Building At A Time: Towards An Integrated Urban Design Framework. Cities. 66: 63-71. Hachem, C. & Elsayed, M. (2016). Patterns of Faade System Design For Enhanced Energy Performance Of Multistorey Buildings. Energy and Buildings. 130: 366-377. Kassem, M., Dawood, N. & Mitchell, D. (2012). A Decision Support System For The Selection Of Curtain Wall Systems At The Design Development Stage. Construction Management and Economics. 30(12): 1039-1053. Kazmierczak, K. (2010). Review of Curtain Walls, Focusing On Design Problems And Solutions, Proceedings of the Building Enclosure Science and Technology Conference (BEST2) Conference (pp.1-20). Portland, Oregon. Kumar, G. & Raheja, G. (2016). Design Determinants Of Building Envelope For Sustainable Built Environment. International Journal of Built Environment and Sustainability. 3(2): 111-118. Lim, J.Q.Y. & Gu, N. (2007). Environmental Impacts Of Ventilation And Solar Control Systems In Double Skin Faade Office Buildings. 41st Annual Conference of the Architectural Science Association, Victoria, Australia, 149-156. Maheswaran, U. & Zi, A.G. (2007). Daylighting and Energy Performance Of Post Millennium Condominiums in Singapore. International Journal of Architectural Research. 1(1): 26-35. Onyeizu, R. (2014). The Delusion Of Green Certification: The Case Of New Zealand Green Office Buildings. Proceedings of 4th New Zealand Built Environment Research Symposium (NZBERS), Auckland, New Zealand. 1-20. Onyeizu, E. & Byrd, H. (2011). Understanding the Relationship between Occupants' Productivity and Daylighting in Commercial Buildings: A Review of Literature. 5th International Conference & Workshop on Built Environment in Developing Countries (ICBEDC), Penang, Malaysia. 1-13. Pariafsai, F. (2016). A Review Of Design Considerations In Glass Buildings. Frontiers of Architectural Research. 5: 171-193. Selkowitz, S.E., Lee, E.S. & Aschehoug, O. (2003). Perspectives on Advanced Facades With Dynamic Glazings And Integrated Lighting Controls. CISBAT 2003, Innovation in Building Envelopes and Environmental Systems International Conferences on Solar Energy in Buildings (pp.1-7). Lausanne, Switzerland. Simmler, H. & Binder, B. (2008). Experimental and Numerical Determination Of The Total Solar Energy Transmittance Of Glazing With Venetian Blind Shading. Building and Environment. 43: 197-204. Young, C.H., Chen, Y.L. & Chen, P.C. (2014). Heat Insulation Solar Glass And Application On Energy Efficiency Buildings. Energy and Buildings. 78: 66-78.2. (PDF) Glass Curtain Wall Technology and Sustainability in Commercial Buildings in Auckland, New Zealandth es e innovations are expensive and not necessarily more sustainable over the building life cycle. Finally, the occupants' perspective on GCW building s is very important since it is related to occupant productivity and the cost of occupant salaries is much g ater than the HVAC energy c osts during the operation of th e GCW was first used in New Zealand in the early 1980s, with the first three buildings located in Auckland ( Bennett, 1987), a city of about 1.6 million people that covers an area of 531 square kilometers and has a temperat e climate. Standard GCW is unsuitable for buildings in earthquake-prone regions but although earthquakes are common in New Zealand, Auckland a region with little seismic activity. Consequently the density of buildin with GCW is higher in Auckland than in other New Zealand This research reviews the published studies on the technology and sustainability of GCW and summarizes the findings in se ctions 1.1 and 1.2. It then assesses GCW in New Zealand using a ca study of thirty commercial buildings with glazed faades in Auckland's central business district. The technology of the GCW is based on glass type, building use, age, size and maintena e). The sustainability of the GCW is examined using the occupants' perspectives on their buildings and the opinions of industry experts on the use of GCW in New Zealand. The expected future use of this type of f aade in Auckland is discussed in the conte of There are several different GCW systems including the stick- mullions and horizontal transoms attached to the building and supporting glass panels. Thi s was followed by t he unitized system , where preassembled modular units of glass in aluminium or steel frame s are interlocked with a djacent units and fixed to the building with rigid brackets. Frameless GCWs are relatively new and aim to give the outside view of the building the appearance of continuous glass, unbroken by frame elements. The three most The choice of curtain wall system and materials has a signif icant impact on the aesthetics of a build g and can account for 15-25% of total construction costs. Ther e is a high risk associated with innovative GCW systems so that designers tend to favour GCW systems they are familiar with and those that have the most secure Aside from the system classification above, GCWs c an have m any different characteristics such as place of assembly, curtain wall function (for example fire rated or blast resistant), glass type (for wall heat transfer perfor mance (for example, with the inclusion of thermal breaks). These are discussed in Pariafsai (2016) and Kazmierczak (2010). The latter also gives the common performance failures for GCWs such as poor heat flow (causing defects (in the glass itself, in the atings, from corrosion or from poor maintenance). In addition to these, the local climate has to be considered when making the decision to use GCW; they may not be appropriate for certain buildings in tropical clim ates. For example, in Singapore many res ential condominiums have GCWs that have very high electricity costs, excessive glare and (2008) discuss the use of venetian blinds to offset the overheating problems that are common with unshaded g lazed buildings. GCW has two conflicting requirements; it should allow as much natural light into the building as possible while at the same time having minimal heat transfer across the building envelope. Glass transfers heat into and out of the building readily so that GCWs tend to have a significant eff ect on building operation costs and 2012). The greater the area of glass the worse the problem (Cuce, Young and Riffat, 2015a) and the higher the frame ratio (area of the metal frame/area of the GCW) the greater the heat transfer and the poorer the thermal performance of the curtain wall (Bae, The heat transmission ( U-value) of a single pane of clear glass is about 5.8 W/m K. Double glazing with argon in the gap and low emissivity glass has a U-value of 1.1 W/m K, meaning that its heat transfer is only about one fifth of that for single clear glass panes. Thus, wit considerably i ncreased cost, a GCW can have acceptable thermal performance. However, when light transfer is considered the picture changes. A single pane of clear glass in a room transmits about 85% of incoming solar radiation to the inside of the room. reflects about 10% and it absorbs about 5%. The absorbed radiation makes the glass hot so that it becomes a low temperature radiator; it transmits heat (by r adiation and convection) to each of its faces. The proportion transmitted to each face depends o the face temperature the lower the face temperature, the greater the proportion of heat transmitted to it. If both faces of the glass are at the same temperature, then 50% of the absorbed 5% r adiation (i.e. 2.5%) is radiated inside the room so that a t al of 87.5% of the incoming solar radiation goes into the room. In practice it is slightly worse than this bec ause for a cooler exterior, the outside surface is cooler and more heat is transferred out of the building while, for a hotter exterior, the inn er surface is cooler and m ore heat is transferred into the of a single pane of clear glass is 0.87 (Bouden, 2007 ; Mehta et al., glazing with argon in the gap and low emissivity glass is 0.64 (Manz, 2004) i.e. about 75 percent that of a single pane of clear
Some Questions About Curtain Answered
Some Questions About Curtain Answered
Do you want to know about curtain? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. How can you repair broken shower ring holes in a plastic shower curtain?Fold the shower curtain over as though you were going to hem it, do this 2 times. use low temp hot glue or fabritack glue (get it at a craft store). then take a paper punch and replace the holes your up and showering.2. I have a huge living room window and I need a new curtain?If you are looking for a curtain that is more for decoration rather than keeping the light out, I would suggest something sheer. To be interesting though, I would not look for just one solid color. I would look around the room and find the primary colors then pick the two that stand out the most. Example: I have a really wide window and I need 4 curtains to cover the window. I would buy 2 greenish and 2 tan and put the tanish color on the outside and the greenish color on the inside. You could also buy drawbacks. I pratically live at Lowes and Wal-Mart, so I would recommend looking at their selection.3. Towels on a shower curtain rod?Get a 6" or 9" long piece of copper wire that is 1/4 inch thick (Home Depot in the electrical department) and bend it into a S shape. Hang one part over the rod, the cloths on the other part4. Is there anyway to hang up a curtain room divider without punching holes in the wall?If you use a wide piece of wood at the top and 2 vertical supports, one at each end, that will do it. If you put soft material between the top and ceilng, and under the vertical supports, you wo not mark the floor or the ceiling. If you cut the supports too short for a tight fit, use wedges to tighten them up. Because it is not nailed, screwed or glued, the supports have to be a good tight fit to be sure the whole thing wo not just fall down5. How do you keep mold from forming on a fabric shower curtain liner?spray it with bleach and water 50/50 solution after each shower. keep the spray bottle in the shower so you do not forget6. Retiling a tub surround, not sure how to shim itSome basic comments on what I would do:First I see that you cut out a 18-24 inches beyond the tub. That is fine. But I like to see a 2x4 right where you would put a shower curtain up and another to the far right to help handle the drywall. Flip these 2x4s on their side since you have electric. If your gap is too big then add 1/4" drywall behind backer. If still too big go 1/2". But I doubt that. You have backer at .42" then thinset, then tile. I am pretty sure you can cover that lip. Only run a sheet of backer going straight up and down - so three feet from corner by 5 feet high. Drywall right next to it. You may need another 2x4. After you put up backer and drywall I think you should be able to feather out the area just fine. If you can not you might have to lay 1/4" drywall on top of the existing. Really this just comes down to 1/4"s. I can go into better details if you give me the exact gap, what backer you are using, what tile you are using and so on. I would not worry about moving the tub though.Note: Always install a 2x where there would logically be a shower door or curtain. Therefore if you want to install something in the future you are not ripping out the other side of your wall or having saggy shower curtain. I would also make sure that you have 2xs and crosses set up for any sort of bars or cabinets that will go in. You cannot overframe a bathroom. Anchors fail in bathrooms before they would in other rooms7. Is it OK to make a shower curtain rod out of PVC pipe?She's talking rubbish. Use what you want
The Hottest Questions About Air Curtain
The Hottest Questions About Air Curtain
Do you want to know about air curtain? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. Design of a small scale air curtainThen the velocity along the centre line decays as $L^-1/3$.More clearly, $v_L = bigg( frac3 ho v_0^4 h^232u L bigg)^1/3$ ; where $u$ is the kinematic viscosity of air. 3 & 4. You decide what is your need on $v_L$ or constraint on $v_0$, Then the first point will give you the answer. If you need a more detailed answer or if your jet is turbulent rather laminar, I would suggest the great book "Boundary-Layer Theory" by Hermann Schlichting2. Technology Advancements Create New Air Curtain ApplicationsThere has been a deluge of recent technological advancements that are creating new air curtain applications that were barely imaginable 10 years ago. Advancements have ranged from more efficient electric heaters to manufacturing improvements that now extend lengths up to 16 feet. Air curtains that were once only custom-manufactured with explosion and spark-proof components for hazardous industrial locations are now standardized catalog items. What was once an energy-saving device for industrial shipping doors is now embraced by retailers, hotels, restaurants, and food service operators as tools for saving energy, eliminating flying insect infiltration, and increasing employee air comfort. Air curtains, or air doors as they are also called, typically are mounted inside the top of a doorway and continually discharge a steady stream of air down to the threshold to separate indoor and outdoor environments. The airstream keeps unwanted cold or hot air from infiltrating an open doorway during winter or summer, respectively. They also keep out flying insects and maintain a comfortable working environment for employees. One new technological advancement is the Venturi style heater. Air curtains have offered electric heating coil options for decades; however, their traditional mounting in the airstream disrupts the laminar flow that's critical to its efficacy. Such an obstructing placement can cut airstream efficiency by up to 40 percent. Furthermore, electric heater placements in the airstream disrupt the air curtain's all-important volume, velocity, and uniformity (VVU), which is critical for maintaining an air seal across the entire doorway for ultimate efficacy. Besides in the discharge air, electric heaters have also been mounted at the inlet screen where air is drawn into the air curtain. While this positioning does not affect discharge, it's less energy-efficient because the air curtain enclosure itself becomes heated. This causes up to a wasteful 5 percent heat loss radiated through the cabinet that does not reach the targeted area. One recent invention that has corrected these inefficiencies is the Venturi style heater, which is a hemispherical electric element array that's strategically mounted at the air curtain blower's inlets. Instead of a an obstructive mounting in the discharge air, the elements' heat is drawn naturally into the blower via the Venturi effect, which is named for Italian 19th century physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi. Essentially, the heating element is on the incoming side versus the discharge end of the fan/blower. The result of the Venturi effect heater is an electrically-heated air curtain with no discharge obstruction, thus the air curtain gets nearly 100 percent of the airstream's aerodynamic potential. Petroleum refineries, food processing, pharmaceutical plants, chemical facilities, compressed natural gas (CNG) bus garages, and other hazardous locations (HL) are restricted by codes that allow only electrical components that are explosion proof, spark-proof, and other safeguards. For years, custom-built HL-rated air curtains were available for this type of clientele, but they were custom-manufactured. Now air curtain manufacturers are offering them as a standardized product line item, which lowers cost significantly and improves availability and lead times. HL air curtains feature explosion-proof motors, spark-resistant fans, HL electrical components and construction, and other precautions required by ANSI/NFPA-70 National Electrical Code (NEC) regulations. Standard construction complies with Class I, Division 1 and 2, Groups C and D for gases; and Class II, Division 1 and 2, Groups F and G for dust. Optional construction is available for Groups A and B. HL applications now offer extra large door coverage with explosion-proof motors ranging from to 15-hp and heavy-duty blowers to protect doorway heights of up to 20-feet-high are offered. Another standardization of air curtain product lines is length. Previously doorways wider than 12 feet typically had modular units bolted together or custom-made single unit constructed air curtains, the latter of which carried expensive manufacturing costs. However, now technological manufacturing advancements make 16-foot-long lengths possible as standardized catalog items for some manufacturers, which makes them proportionately priced to any other shorter length air curtain. Industrial doorways very commonly span widths of 12 to 16 feet. The important aspect of single unit construction is installation ease and performance. Versus multiple short units bolted together, single construction air curtains typically do not need intermediate supports, which can increase installation time and costs. Furthermore, the space between bolted units typically create air voids. Single construction units designed for 16-foot lengths use blower and nozzle airstream widths that cover the entire span without any interruption or turbulence. The VVU of the airstream, which can only be accomplished with a single construction unit, is critical to air curtain performance and efficacy. Recent updates to the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), will now allow certified air curtains as a vestibule alternative. This is good news for commercial buildings that in the past were mandated to use vestibules as energy-saving air locks. This code change offers both a new construction and a retrofit perspective especially for retailers. Substituting a vestibule with a comparably less expensive alternative such as an air curtain can cut new construction costs by up to $60,000. In retrofit examples, installing an air curtain and using the vestibule for merchandising space can add to a retailer's bottom line. The IECC-2015 code also stipulates air curtains must be tested in accordance to standard ANSI/AMCA-220 and certified by the Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA), Arlington Heights, Ill., a not-for-profit organization that tests and certifies manufacturer's stated performance of fans, blowers, air curtains, and other air movement devices. Walk-in cooler air curtains have been shown to surpass the energy-saving potential of alternatives, such as swinging hinged doors and strip curtains, and they produce a quick payback of less than two years, depending on the amount of door cycles. While they are now predominantly appearing as options on new models from walk-in cooler manufacturers, several air curtain suppliers make retrofitting easy with a kit that includes an air curtain designed specifically for the unique size and configuration of walk-in coolers. Included in some kits are a pre-wired 24V control/load center in a small enclosure and a magnetic reed on/off door switch. Once 120V power is extended to the area, the pre-wired kit can be installed in as little as 15 minutes with conventional tools and basic electrical knowledge. Besides walk-in coolers, another trend in the foodservice and restaurant industries is the new drive-thru window air curtains, which are being used for a variety of purposes in many restaurant chains. They minimize both flying insect and outdoor air infiltration, protect the indoor drive-thru station employee from idling vehicle fume inhalation as well as cold air in winter climates, which are employee health and comfort issues, respectively. The U.S.'s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) specifically recommends a "reverse-flow fan system" at the website's "Teen Worker Safety in Restaurants" page. As technological advancements move forward, even more new air curtain applications are expected to emerge. What is barely imaginable today will become common building construction concepts in the future. Air curtain technology draws interior air from the facility and discharges it through field-adjustable (/-20 degree) linear nozzles that "seal" the doorway with a non-turbulent airstream that meets the floor approximately at the threshold of the door opening. A properly-sized and AMCA-certified air curtain can contain approximately 70 to 80 percent of that air and return it to the space. Because the air curtain discharges air at velocities generally in the range from 1,000 to 3,000 ft/min., it effectively prevents outside air and flying insect infiltration. Volume, velocity, and uniformity (VVU) of the airstream are critical factors in an air curtain's effectiveness. Air curtains are typically activated by a limit switch that's triggered when the door opens and deactivated when closed. Want more HVAC industry news and information? Join The NEWS on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn today!
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